Ink and Oil Sticks

I watched a video creating a painting that started out with Ink washes light to dark carving out the main value shapes. Next, Black and White oil sticks to refine the process.  I Decided to give it a try and I think the most fun was  using my fingers to blend the the stick marks.  I liked finger painting when I was a child and this was a lot of fun too, but much messier.

Shades of Light

After the white oil stick finally dried, I put the piece on a wood panel and painted the sides black.

Shades of Light-edge

Shades of Light

When Life Gives You Lemons…..

what do you do???

Last week I miscalculated where I was going to land when I sat down on the edge of a bench on the patio. Not a serious fall, but I injured my right shoulder in the rotator cuff area.  Now I have significant pain and restricted mobility of my right arm. What if this lasts for a long time??? How can I paint???

This is my new work in progress. a 18″ by 36″ canvas. Beginning background coverage and charcoal subject sketch done completely with my “left hand” .

left handed painting in process.jpg

To be continued……


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Charcoal with Watercolor Challenge

Charcoal Silhouettes

I started out with watercolor washes on 140# cold press paper, following with the charcoal figure drawing.  After a coat of fixative spray to keep the water color layer from spreading and the charcoal in place, it was ready to adhere to a 1.5 deep wood cradle with sides painted black.  A final spray of UV protection allows the work to be displayed without a frame.

Charcoal Silhuettes-edge

see details HERE