Ink and Oil Sticks

I watched a video creating a painting that started out with Ink washes light to dark carving out the main value shapes. Next, Black and White oil sticks to refine the process.  I Decided to give it a try and I think the most fun was  using my fingers to blend the the stick marks.  I liked finger painting when I was a child and this was a lot of fun too, but much messier.

Shades of Light

After the white oil stick finally dried, I put the piece on a wood panel and painted the sides black.

Shades of Light-edge

Shades of Light

Charcoal with Watercolor Challenge

Charcoal Silhouettes

I started out with watercolor washes on 140# cold press paper, following with the charcoal figure drawing.  After a coat of fixative spray to keep the water color layer from spreading and the charcoal in place, it was ready to adhere to a 1.5 deep wood cradle with sides painted black.  A final spray of UV protection allows the work to be displayed without a frame.

Charcoal Silhuettes-edge

see details HERE

More work in Watercolor Paint

I’m experimenting in a relatively new media for me.  I do use some charcoal during the process, so when the work is dry, I spray the painting with both a Fixative and UV protective spray.  The work is then mounted onto 1.5″ deep wood cradles with the sides painted black.  When thoroughly dry, an archival coat of acrylic varnish follows.  Unlike traditional watercolor works, this presentation does not require framing under glass.  The wood cradle is wired on the back and ready to hang.

This painting is on 140# WC Paper- 12″ x 9″Moment in the SunMoment in the Sun – Thinking but not too deeply, confident but not enough. Knows she has time to get to where she is headed!

Moment in the Sun-edge  Side of painting

The piece below is on 300# Arches Watercolor Paper-20″ x 16″Outta Gas  Done In – Had more to give, wants to hide!

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