Indiana born artist, Sharon Sieben, currently resides in Mesa Arizona where she works in her home studio. Much of her childhood was spent at the piano or with a paint brush in hand. While this artistic focus was close to her heart, as an adult her focus turned toward raising a family and a successful career in Manufacturing Operations as a systems consultant and trainer. It has only been in the last decade that the paint brush re-emerged and a passion was reborn.

She is a prolific painter and states that she prefers working with oils or acrylics, and often incorporates other materials into her creations for texture and interest. The next painting off her easel might be an impressionist food or floral composition in bold, splashy colors or a contemporary sea or landscape; but figurative subjects are her preference and contemporary nude paintings make up a large portion of her body of work.

How to Purchase Art and what you need to know about shipping and returns

When you purchase a painting from me, I guarantee you will be happy with it.  If not, just return it within 7 days after you received it, and I’ll refund your purchase price.  (Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer)

Most of my work is either on Gallery Wrap Canvas or Paper that has been bonded to a 1.5″ deep wood cradle with sides painted black.  It doesn’t need to be framed and is wired on the back, ready to hang.  Any exceptions to this would be noted in the artwork’s description

Please feel free to contact me if you bave any questions and especially if you are interested in more than one piece of artwork.  Special shipping and/or pricing can be discussed.